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Official schedule of the CAA 2015 Siena Conference, held from March, 30th to April, 3rd in Siena, Italy.
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Alessandro Bovero

Centro Conservazione e Restauro "La Venaria Reale" (TO) Italy

The Conservation and Restoration Centre "La Venaria Reale" is a no-profit foundation which missions are higher education and research for conservation and restoration of Artistic and Cultural Heritage, covering a wide range of disciplines as paintings, murals, stone works, sculpture, metals, woods, textiles, paper, glass, modern materials, Its aim is to involve a synergy for a multidisciplinary approach to conservation/restoration with advanced diagnostic instrumentations, preservation and restoration techniques.

The High School and Studio (SAF) operating within the Centre in order to create a professional community of restorers open to other expertise and to provide a comprehensive system of training and refresher courses to the whole field of cultural heritage.

Specialized instrumentation, high technology facilities and appropriate know-how allow for the application of complementary techniques and methodologies to the characterization of a wide range of materials and the integrated study of different typologies of artworks offering high-level services to the cultural heritage Community. Main competitive advantages consists in the interdisciplinary approach to preservation, restoration and divulgation items.

Scientific equipment with high level instruments dedicated to non-destructive analysis and material characterization. During its restoration campaign and scientific research, multimedia is mainly used for modelling and simulation, to help present information, to combine education with entertainment and to rich powerful communication forms.

Imaging Lab and Restoration Labs are working on RTI as powerful instrument for examining and documenting the surface texture and
shape of paintings and othrer artworks. Two relevant study-cases: we have been examined with RTI and multispectral analysis The Last Supper and the Self Portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci.

contacts: alessandro.bovero@centrorestaurovenaria.it & elena.biondi@centrorestaurovenaria.it

My Speakers Sessions

Thursday, April 2

14:30 CEST