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Anestis Koutsoudis

Athena Research Centre
Associate Research Fellow - Grade B'
Xanthi, Greece
I remember Anestis back in 1986, when he poked at #5C39 with the value of one. Since then he went sub without return as he repeatedly faced numerous nasty 'R tape loading errors 0:1'.

Nevertheless, he attempted to code in a variety of platforms and inevitably, he succeeded in compiling several pieces of code that lead to his BSc (Hons) degree in Computer Studies (Visualisation). In 2004, he returned to the sacred landscapes of the old Albion to receive his MSc degree in Multimedia Technologies from the Computer Science department of Bath University. In 2010, he defended his PhD thesis on content based retrieval of 3D objects with success.

Since his undergraduate studies, he has been working in the area of 3D computer graphics as a 3D graphics designer and as a software engineer. Nowadays, he basically thinks on three dimensional scanning, real time 3D graphics programming, photogrammetry, 3D content based retrieval, 3D scene metadata annotation and inevitably software engineering.

He works as a researcher in the ATHENA - Research and Innovation Centre in Information, Communication and Knowledge Technologies, where he holds an associate research fellow (B') position. He has participated in many research and development projects with emphasis on real time 3D graphics programming, 3D digitisation, content-based retrieval, multimedia and IT application in the cultural heritage domain.

In the meantime and while not being abroad, he repeatedly chases the oversteering experience within the cockpit of a French 'frog'. His favorite music gender has evolved over the last thirty years by an East London band named after a medieval torture device. He also holds a continuously evolving retro-computer collection...